OpenRM Mailing List Information
OpenRM Technical/Users

The OpenRM-users mailing list is for technical discussion related to OpenRM, its use in applications, features, news, project announcements and so forth. Use this forum to discuss future developments, current issues, and get help/advice.

Please visit this page to subscribe, or adminster your subscription.

OpenRM-users is a public list - everyone is encouraged to join and take part.

OpenRM Developers

The OpenRM-dev is for active OpenRM developers who are coordinating activities related to active OpenRM development. Discussion of features, including merits or otherwise thereof, future plans for the project, and so forth, should take place in the OpenRM Technical/Users list, not in the developer's list. This is a closed mailing list. Before contacting the project administrator (wbethel at users dot sourceforge dot net) requesting to be placed on the OpenRM-dev list, ask yourself this question: do I really need CVS write-access? If the answer is no, you should probably reconsider your request.

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