OpenRM 1.5.1 To-Do List
The following list represents "to do" activities that will result in version 1.5.1 of OpenRM Scene Graph. We are using a date of approximately 15 December 2020 for a 1.5.1 release. (The previous date of 15 October has been delayed due to slowness in implementing new features. Slowness can be mitigated by buying a copy of the manual, making donations, or otherwise providing direct funding for development activities).
Increase Pickable Limits

Presently, the number of pickable scene graph nodes is limited to 8192 due to how picking is implemented. Due to how OpenGL selection works, we cannot implement picking of a "limitless" number of objects, but we should be able to do better than 8192. A user recently indicated they had a scene graph with 65K nodes, so we will aim for a larger number as a target.

Offscreen Rendering improvements - X11

The current code base uses GLX Pixmaps for offscreen rendering. The recent batch of nVidia drivers has weaknesses that produce results ranging from incorrect behavior to X-server crashes when using GLX Pixmaps. While they need to fix their drivers, we also need to upgrade from GLX Pixmaps to pbuffers. When the original offscreen rendering code for OpenRM was written a few years ago, pbuffers were not widely supported. Their presence is more ubiquitous now, so it is time to make the transition. We intend to upgrade to use pbuffers for offscreen rendering on X platforms for the 1.5.1 release.

OpenRM and GLUT

We intend to create a new set of demonstration programs that show how to combine OpenRM for rendering and GLUT for window and event management. The new demo programs will be made available with the 1.5.1 release. Concurrently, we will write the OpenRM + GLUT chapter of the OpenRM Programming Guide.

OpenRM+FLTK: Gordo Updates

There are two main thrust areas for Gordo that will occur for the 1.5.1 OpenRM release. The first is to incorporate builds for Windows. Both OpenRM and FLTK are cross platform tools, and having examples that show use of both on Windows and Unix platforms would be nice. The second thrust area is to increase the number of Gordo demonstrations that provide more thorough coverage of the OpenRM API.

Performance Improvements: RMstate manipulation during rmFrame()

For the 1.5.1 release, we will streamline RMstate management during rmFrame calls. These improvements will simply result in better application performance, and no API changes will result from these improvements.

Performance Statistics For the 1.5.1 release, we will improve support for computing and reporting performance statistics. There may be minor API changes to a small subset of OpenRM that will result from this activity. If your application is not using any of the rmStats* family of routines, you will not be affected.
Constant Frame Rate

A long-standing feature missing from OpenRM is the ability to specify a target frame rate. We will begin development to support this feature, but it may not be completely operational for the 1.5.1 release.

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