Index of OpenRM - RM Library

typedef struct RMpipe
    Display     *xdisplay;
    XVisualInfo *xvisual;
    Window       xdrawable;
    GLXContext   glxcontext;
    Colormap     xcolormap;
    RMenum       channel_format;
    int          xwindow_width, xwindow_height;
    int          xflags;
    RMenum       opaque3DEnable, transparent3DEnable, opaque2DEnable;
    RMenum       initMatrixStack;	/* RM_TRUE or RM_FALSE */
    /* render function */
    void (*channel_render_func)(RMnode *t, struct RMpipe *p);
     * optional app callback invoked after rendering, but before
     * the "swapbuffers" call. can be used to perform synchronization
     * between multiple rendering engines.
    void (*postRenderBarrierFunc)(struct RMpipe *p);
    /* color and depth buffer acquisition, swap buffer function */
    void (*postrenderfunc)(const RMimage *, RMenum whichBufferEnum);
    void (*postrender_depthbufferfunc)(const RMimage *, RMenum whichBufferEnum);
    void (*swapbuffunc)(struct RMpipe *);
    char   name[32];		/* temp hack */
    /* the context cache */
    RMcontextCache *cache;
} RMpipe;
librm library source file: rmx.h